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We are locally owned and operated. We take pride in our work and stand behind our work. Our company motto is "Strong Texas Foundations." We do the work that needs to be done to address the foundation issues of a home.

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• Licensed Professional Engineer

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Foundation Level & Repair, Residential Pier & Beam & Slab
Foundation Repair, Light Commercial
Engineer's Letter For Manufactured Homes-HUD, FHA
Engineer's Letters For Loan Institutions-Structural Integrity
Foundation Design For Residential Additions
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Great comprehensive job at reasonable price. I had serious foundation problems. I contacted 3 of the most advertised companies for bids. To completely level my house they all wanted to punch a bunch of holes in my floor on top of all the piers around the house and recommended that I go to a hotel for the duration of the job because the work inside the house would be very disruptive. Then, a friend recommended I talk with a structural engineer. So I contacted Lake Engineers. After checking the house, they said like everyone, they would place piers around the house but then dig 1 strategically placed hole in the house and 1 in the garage. And they would do the job for a fraction of what I had been quoted (I had not told them what the previous quotes were.) So they did the job in 7 days, with as little disruption as possible for this kind of work (i.e. the inside holes were the last ones dug on the last day.) The whole crew was very courteous and willing to answer any question one might have about the job. The engineer was also present when the house was leveled. Conclusion: any time you need a structural job done, talk to a structural engineer. They know what they are talking about.
"Lifetime Transferrable Warranty"... if the foundation companies you are talking with do not offer this, do not move forward with them. As anyone who has ever gotten married knows, ONE year is much much much different than a LIFETIME. "Licensed Structural Engineer"... same thing. Ask them who will evaluate your foundation. Just because dude can wield a shovel or is head of the marketing department does NOT mean he should evaluate your foundation. Foundation is the basis, the first step, the thing on which all else is built. Do not mess with it. If the foundation is shifting, the evidence will show up in the rest of the house... unsightly cracks, doors not shutting tightly and windows not opening. In Austin, our soils either suck or they don't. If they are clay-like and suck up water and humidity and moisture in the wet seasons then they will dry out and crack in the drought. You may have started with a solid foundation but some shifting or settlement may have occurred over time especially if you have the "right" soils for that. The sucky ones. Clint Butts, licensed structural engineer, is intelligent, calm, and honest. He has shown up - free of charge- to give an evaluation at 5 different projects of mine regarding the integrity of the foundation. He is old school and shows up with a clipboard of graph paper and a small yellow box that has a coiled long tube of water that helps him read the elevations at different points in the home. Then he adds the information to the plan, sketches out the results and talks with you about whether a 3 inch change in foundation is acceptable or not. When the foundation needed work, he gave his professional opinion of what needed to be done, how much it would cost, and how long it would take. If nothing is needed to repair or alter a structure, he will let you know. In both cases where work needed to be done, his guys showed up on time and the projects were completed on budget. An engineer's report may be needed for a home addition, a home purchase or sale, insurance, mortgage/loan information... you just never know. In my experience of doing what I do for the last 15 years in Austin, I have found that having Clint in your back pocket can be a lifesaver. I have worked with 4-5 different structural engineers - all really great and really smart.* But they do not all have foundation repair companies. I have compared other foundation repair company bids with his and I have found his to be competitive, reasonable, and solid. He will stand by his work. For most people, foundation repair work only happens once. If the unpredictability of Austin soils means that the foundation work needs to be revisited, I always want a "Lifetime Transferrable Warranty" in the drawer of important documents. *An engineering report from a structural engineer can run anywhere from $200-500. The fact that Clint will show up and GIVE you a report is, in my opinion, the beginning of a relationship of trust.
Thank you for providing this information for my clients. My clients have decided to walk away from this one and we are looking at something else. I will definitely call you again in the future to help my clients out!
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